Sumit Agarwal, MD, MLA Group of Industies, Kanpur was born in 1975. After completing his five year integrated course in Chemistry and a minor in management from IIT Kanpur, he is now managing a group of chemical manufacturing industries in Kanpur (

He is running an NGO, PRERNA (, which is dedicated to the development of a stronger India. PRERNA is currently partnering management of 10 adopted government primary schools with an objective to facilitate best quality education in Government schools.

He is also the founder of Kasauti, a consortium of NGOs formed to aid clean and answerable politics.

He is also a writer, music composer, lyricist, singer, actor and motivational speaker. Over the last two years, he has composed many soulful songs based on relationships, patriotism and human emotions. His music videos can be viewed on his Youtube Channel, Sumit Agarwal,or on his website


I try to create soulful music that can reach my audience's hearts. Each song that I write, compose and sing is based on some feelings that I have actually experienced at some point of life or the other. Hence I am sure you will identify with it. I also script, produce and direct my music videos. I try to make them meaningful and motivational.


My first novel titled "The Four Patriots" will be published by Rupa publication. This book is about four young men, who win back the lost pride of the country in a unique way that makes you fall in love with your country all over again. It is a story about friendship, faith and courage, replete with romance and patriotism, It is a racy, contemporary thriller sure to give you goosebumps.


We manufacture chemicals in our five manufacturing units located in Kanpur. Our products, with unique attributes, are developed by our in-house R & D and exported to around 43 countries. We have positioned our brands internationally against the best in the world.


I started PRERNA in 2007 with a group of friends and employees and started working on primary education for the under-privileged children, the future citizens of India. With time we evolved and today we manage 6 adopted government primary schools, trying to improve the level of education and all round development of children

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